|being still|

Eric and I are currently in Chicago. The later end of the trip is business for Eric, so we decided to leave early and make a mini vacation out of it. We got in town Friday night and drove into the city Sunday to explore and see the sights. My dear friend Maggie knowing my obsession with architecture and big cathedrals told me to visit University of Chicago.
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| Timeless |

I have only checked the time on my phone a handful of times this weekend. Once was Friday evening, before my brother in law came over for dinner, the second was yesterday for when one of our now favorite restaurants would open, the third was this morning for when my french press would be done brewing my coffee. Continue reading “| Timeless |”

| Continual Adjustments |

Defeated. It perfectly describes last week. I was so worn mentally I couldn’t write about it till now. My heart was so down, while this week is feeling better I am still struggling with anxious thoughts and feelings. They so subtly start and before you know it you are swept up in fearful thoughts and weary emotions. UGH. Continue reading “| Continual Adjustments |”

| Season of Engagment |

I remember wondering if it was going to happen. If that one question that changes life forever would be asked. I quickly pushed it out of my mind in order to have no expectations that it would happen so I wouldn’t be disappointed if it ended up not being the right time.

The man I was so in love with would ask me to spend the rest of my life with him hours later. Continue reading “| Season of Engagment |”

| Morning Moments |

Sprinkler system and winter temperatures.

If you don’t get your sprinkler system winterized the pipes literally burst and cost hundreds to get fixed. This morning was the only time to set up an appointment and get them winterized which provided a morning of quiet moments for me to reflect.

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Thanksgiving and Beginning

| Thanksgiving |

I have been wanting to start this ever since I started dating my now husband but being the introverted and insecure woman I am I put it off and waited for friendly/sisterly encouragement to begin it. So here I go.

Thanksgiving this year was the first of a new chapter in my life. I got married two weeks before this fall holiday and it has been a whirlwind of enjoyment, intrigue and changes. Everyday has been a day of watching and learning with a cup of coffee in hand. Continue reading “Thanksgiving and Beginning”